A New Running Perspective







I recently asked a running partner if she wanted to join me in a 5K race.  I look forward to races, the excitement, the camaraderie, the accomplished feeling upon completion.  It feels like a fun party with a purpose.  So I was surprised when she said, with certainty, no.  I explained that it was a chance to enjoy running with others.

The answer was still a definite no.

She later emailed me, explaining her resoluteness:

“I was always the weak, small kid in gym class.  It was torture.  Now I found running as a sport that I can do and no one judges me. I don’t want to do that with a group of people and risk feeling crappy again.”

I was so grateful for her explanation.  It reminded me of a few important things in life as well as communication:

  • Not everyone runs for the same reasons.  Not everyone communicates like us.
  • If we still want to run with them, we can adjust our expectations of people that don’t run for the same reasons.  If we still want to communicate with them, we can try to understand their perspective.

Thanks to the coolest running partner ever, E.A.P.!