The Success Triangle


Dimensions of Success



Recently, at a high tech manufacturing company, I asked the engineer predominant attendees in the room, where they spent most of the time in a triangle I had drawn on the board.  They laughed when I asked about the area labeled “Relationship”.  For them, getting the task done was most important.  And working on processes was a close second.

This triangular model is called Dimensions of Success.  I was first introduced to it while employed with Outward Bound Professional a few years ago.  I refer to it when explaining a number of things such as the skills associated with my work (relationship building), the framework for a workshop (processes to help your relationships), and simply as a question for perspective clients – where do you focus most of your time?  Achieving tasks, fixing processes, or building relationships?

This simple model helps people understand that all three areas are important.  Most companies only focus on Task and Process.  When organizations do not include relationship building as an equal priority, employees do not feel valued or appreciated.  Fear in the workplace is almost palpable as employees won’t share best practices with other employees, never mind suggest a change to management.

Other downsides include reduced employee morale, negative overall opinion of the entire company, increased stress levels, and even physical health complications.

As I continue my work, I strive to give the Relationship point of the triangle the credit it deserves.   It really is  a crucial piece to a successful workplace.