Corporate Training

Schreiber Training uses activity based learning or experiential training to fully engage participants.

We don’t sit still for long, as brain research demonstrates that the best learning happens when we are active.

On evaluations, 96% of participants recommend the class to others and 93% say the information is helpful, user-friendly and that they improved their communication.

The Power Up series gives attendees an opportunity to develop their people skills in a relaxed environment. Schreiber Training also provides training for Edward deBono’s Six Thinking Hats (helps reduce meeting time by up to 50%!)

For employees in training roles, Schreiber Training delivers a Train the Trainer course that is jam-packed with tools.

Improved Workplace Communication

IWC teaches transferable skills to increase your competence with this essential element for workplace success.

This hands-on, interactive training explores these topics:

  • communication styles
  • perception checking
  • creating a positive communication climate
  • managing workplace defensiveness
  • listening skills
  • conflict resolution
  • using language effectively
  • understanding emotional intelligence [link]

Your full participation is the key to your success and ability to have fun is vital.

Why This Course Works

  • Participants are given time to reflect on how they currently communicate and how they want to improve
  • Participants are encouraged to interact with one another
  • Participants leave with immediate skills to apply
  • Participants enjoy their time in class

Power Up!

For these sessions, you pick the topic, we discuss your desired outcomes, and voila! Schreiber Training delivers a Power Up to meet your needs. Participants will increase their awareness and knowledge and acquire at least one new skill to immediately apply back into the workplace.

  • Creating a positive morale for new teams
  • Boosting morale for established teams
  • Team problem solving skills and structure
  • Change management
  • Handling conflict in teams
  • Creating trusting teams/Climate in teams
  • Team decision making skills and structure
  • Communication styles in teams

Why the Power Up! Course Works:

An important barometer for organizational effectiveness is how smoothly the organization functions with a minimum of internal strain. Are employees loyal? Are they committed? Are they satisfied? Does trust prevail? Is there a sense of community?

These sessions, also known as the “Fun with a Serious Agenda” series, give work groups a chance to revisit their people skills.

Attitudes, motivation, and behavior are playfully addressed in a non-threatening environment.

Experiential activity is an important key to learning in these workshops. We don’t sit still for long as brain research proves that learning takes place best in a setting that captures attention and has personal meaning.

As participants engage and discuss, they are actively discovering, analyzing, processing, and practicing the skills associated with the training.

And they’re having fun at the same time – a tough combination to beat!

Six Thinking Hats – A Meeting Management Tool (Help reduce meetings by 50%!)

Six Thinking Hats* is a fast-paced, intense and interactive course. The results from utilizing this method of meeting management include:

  • shorter meetings
  • thorough decisions
  • easier priority setting
  • fluid problem solving
  • increased participation and involvement
  • effective problem definition and resolution

By mentally wearing and switching symbolic “hats”; individuals or teams separate thinking into six categories for analyzing matters objectively and comprehensively.

It is amazing to see the results that can be accomplished by a person or a team who knows how to separate emotions from fact, the positive from the negative, and critical from creative thinking.

Studies have shown that individuals and teams trained in the Six Hats method experience a five-fold increase in the quantity and quality of their thinking and reduce meeting times by 50 percent.

For more information:

*Leslie is a certified Six Thinking Hats trainer.

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer Workshop

This 4-hour workshop is an introduction to the “Train the Trainer” series, a 16-hour course over four sessions. Occasionally offered as an Open Enrollment class, this workshop can also be delivered at your organization.

What Do You Mean I Have to Be the Teacher?

  • Does your job require that you teach others because YOU know the information?
  • Are you unsure of how to involve adults with their own learning?
  • Do you need a confidence boost when instructing or training others?
  • Or, are you an experienced trainer and want a new approach to your style of delivery?

More importantly,

  • How do you know your participants are “getting” it?
  • How many tools are in your toolbox to reach every type of learner?
  • How do you know if the way you are teaching is making a difference?

This highly interactive session provides at least 15 tools for people in a training role to enhance “how” they teach. All types of content can be used with these tools. Whether you are on the shop floor or the Board Room, the lab or outdoors, these tools and strategies increase learning and take the angst out of teaching.

For the veteran trainer – and the novice – join us for a half-day session of skill development and application. You will leave with the tools to immediately apply in your training, many of them experienced during this workshop.