Lava Lamp Cool


Did you know Lava Lamps turned 50 years old last month? My first purchase with my own money was a lava lamp.  I was a teenager and thought it was THE coolest thing.  The evolving flow of red wax in yellow water fascinated me.  How could two seemingly contrasting qualities that don’t mix coexist so gracefully?

Their 50th birthday got me thinking.  Where else in life can differing qualities coexist? And I realized I ask my clients this question all the time!  I encourage them to accept different points of view, like wax and water, so they can coexist in their professional worlds.

I witness many interpersonal problems occurring because people are unwilling to acknowledge another point of view.  This is usually triggered when we get defensive because we feel threatened by someone’s words or actions.  Then, we also make assumptions about them without finding out the real facts of the situation.  When I hear people say, “We’re like oil and water.  We just don’t mix,” I ask them to think about how much they actually know of the situation and know about the other person.

With the right encouragement (heat from the bulb), multiple viewpoints can exist.  I support my clients to take the time to fully understand a situation.  Equally important is to not demonize the other person!  Take the time to get to know them as well.

By the way, I still own my wonderful mixture of light and chaos.  And it is still THE coolest lamp ever.



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