Leadership Coaching

We emphasize strengths based approaches and deepening self awareness to create resilient leaders who can effectively manage work/life balance.

As a graduate of the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being program at George Mason University and a graduate of the Organizational Consulting for Change Leadership at Georgetown University, Leslie has a deep knowledge of challenges of being a leader and the need for help along the way.

Testimony from coaching clients:

“Leslie did a fantastic job uncovering the underpinnings of two of the biggest things that are holding me back from becoming that next level executive.  She definitely achieved the goal of “helping me get out of my own way!”

“I gained a lot of understanding and explored several potential actions.  Some I already implemented.  I met my objectives fully.”

“Leslie is so talented.  I was lucky to be able to have her as my coach.”

“Leslie was a great active listener and explored nonverbal behaviors or tone changes really well when we were on the phone.”