Reminders from a Walk

puppyI had been working all day, preparing for a class that’s somewhat new for me. That means I’m creating curriculum, adapting from previous classes, trying new methods and tools. I do enjoy it but it can be a mind-numbing process. So I decided to take a break and take Milo for a walk around the hood.

We first went to the local park. Two young men were playing basketball on one end while at the other end, two little boys were attempting to play. The ball was bigger than the kids’ heads and they could barely hold it in their tiny hands! But they took shots at the impossibly high basket and they ran after the ball time and time again. I was waiting for Milo (he’s off-leash in this park) near the water fountain and the young boys came over. So I helped them by keeping the fountain button pushed. The arc of water was also too high (just like the basket!) and the water got everywhere besides their mouths. In their ears, up their nose, into their hair! I laughed and they didn’t seem to mind. They were just going with the flow.

As we returned home, I ran into a young couple that recently moved into the neighborhood. They were returning from a day on the man’s family farm. They looked tired but relaxed.

Then I saw another neighbor. He looked great from a year off on sabbatical. Tan and fit, he said he’s been enjoying playing tennis. Finally, across the street was a neighbor relaxing on her porch. She asked if I liked cherry tomatoes. I thought a moment as I find most tomatoes too acidic. But these are the small ones! Yes, I do like them. She said to help myself from her garden, especially the orange ones.

What luck! I’m so glad I took that walk with Milo as I stuffed my pockets with delicious tomatoes and baked them in butter that night for dinner. And I was reminded how important it is to take breaks from our hectic days. Get some exercise, help someone out, reconnect with your family, enjoy your time off, and finally, share your abundance.

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