Why Are Apples in this Tree?

Milo apple tree in snow

On a recent snowy walk, Milo and I came upon an unusual sight. A tree had apples hanging from its limbs, attached by string.  How wonderfully unexpected and out of context!  Who would take the time to trek out here, in the woods, and adorn this ordinary tree with fruit?

Milo was momentarily interested but wandered off while I took some pictures and tried to come to a rational conclusion.  But I really couldn’t.  It made me think about times that unusual or odd things happen in the workplace and how employees respond. Are they curious?  Are they suspicious?  Are they doubting? Do they even notice?!

It would be too rash to place judgment on others based on their reaction to something like this.  But I think it’s an indicator of how people generally respond to change.  I have seen a spectrum from fear to acceptance, but the most common denominator is wanting to know why.  As a decision maker or leader, it’s imperative to recognize the importance of keeping people in the loop.  And while it may not consist of every detail, providing some information is usually met with appreciation.

So I never did discover the reason why the apples were suspended in that tree.  But I’m ok with that.

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