comfort zone and growthWhat’s a YAGO?  It’s Yet Another Growth Opportunity. I think I like helping others have YAGOs  as much as I like experiencing them.  Or just hearing about someone else’s YAGO makes me happy.

Here’s a few:

An accomplished hairdresser once shared with me how much courage it took the first time she cut hair.  “I grabbed a mannequin and a martini. I took a deep breath, a deep drink, and I went for it.”

A workout partner described how horrified she was at an indoor water park, being hurled through a narrow water slide shoot.  “I did it but never again.” “But at the end, didn’t you want to do it more?”  “Nope. I just wanted to know that I had done it.”

YAGOs frequently develop from the courage it takes to do something out of our comfort zone.   When we find ourselves in situations that are challenging, for whatever reason, (fear of being judged, fear of physical harm), we are at a crossroads.  Can I learn from this or not?  Will I be better because of this or not?

A final example:

A woman aggressively yelled at me for not having my dog on leash at a local park.   Normally, I would have said nothing (fear of conflict) or yelled back at her (fear of being disrespected).  But instead, even though it was uncomfortable, I remained calm and repeatedly asked why she was so upset.  She quickly quieted down and explained she had been bitten by an off leash dog.  This was a YAGO moment that reminded me that not everyone likes dogs and for good reason.

Bringing awareness to these YAGO moments is like when you decide to buy a car.  Suddenly you see that car everywhere!  Similarly, you will notice more YAGO moments for yourself and others.  It’s your choice as to what to do with it.  Good luck!

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